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Canteen, sanitary and storage containers

Sanitary container

Storage container

Office containers are available as office or meeting units, as team containers for changing clothes, taking a break, sleeping, with air conditioning, with a kitchenette, etc.

Containers can be connected to form larger rooms and extended with sanitary containers (toilets only, showers only or both), if required, to several floors with stairs and landings.

For material and tool storage, there are 3- and 6-metre storage containers, usually empty, possibly with heavy-duty shelving.

Please clarify for enquiries: Number of containers depending on location and number of persons, layout for larger container systems, what furniture, connections for fresh water, waste water, disposal of faeces (if necessary, a faeces tank must be built underneath with pumping out by a disposal company), power supply (if necessary, power generator with fuel tank), access for low-loaders