Our service

All the benefits of renting

Renting instead of buying or leasing. In many cases, for some machines/devices/equipment always, a purchase is not worthwhile from an economic point of view. Nevertheless, some companies think they have total availability with their own equipment and accept less than optimal utilisation. AMRENT’s knowledge of the rental market enables you to ensure availability and ultimately save significant costs. Read more about the benefits of renting under “It pays to rent!”.

Just one contact

If you rent more than one machine in different parts of Germany, you may have to familiarise several contact persons with your company. With AMRENT you have only one contact person who knows you, for Germany and Europe.

One vendor for all rentals

Many companies limit the number of their suppliers. Especially when turnover with rental companies is of secondary importance for procurement, AMRENT, as a “one-stop-shop”, fulfils the target of saving time and costs in purchasing by processing only one creditor.

Personal support

A small company like AMRENT can’t and won’t do anything but provide personal service. No matter whether you request once a year or order every week.

Constant accessibility

You can contact us by:

  • Phone: +49 2151 - 6571040
  • Fax: +49 2151 - 6571041
  • Email: info@amrent.de

Rapid availability

Your enquiry will be processed by AMRENT as soon as we receive it. The availability of the desired rental equipment is ensured by immediate enquiries with rental companies in the vicinity of your construction site and place of use.

Rental equipment in other EU countries

AMRENT ensures that your fitters in Barcelona, in Rotterdam or in Krakow get the right rental devices. Local rental companies are contacted for this purpose.

Low transport costs

Transport costs can be significant for short rentals. In such cases, it is important to minimise the delivery distance. AMRENT knows the local rental company and is therefore unbeatable. For infrequently rented equipment, for which availability counts, the distance may be greater.