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Just rent it!

Anyone who knows about the diversity of rental equipment and who analysed the advantages of renting versus buying will choose renting due to the flexibility and the cost savings. Key factors in the decision are the availability of the required equipment at the point in time it is needed as well as the proximity of the supplier. AMRENT has the contacts as well as the konwledge of the rental market needed to fulfil these requirements.

Renting has the following major advantages:

Liquid assets

Liquid assets won’t be tied up, but can be used freely. Your equity and your credit line will not be affected by the rent.

High rate of utilization

When purchasing equipment, it is extremely difficult to reach the rate of utilization required to make the investment economically feasible. Renting the equipment avoids such limitations

Equipment customized for your needs

Every construction site has its own special requirements. Renting makes it possible to choose the equipment perfectly fit to the task, no matter how specialised. Purchasing this equipment would be simply uneconomical.

Better organization

A well organized and on-time availability of the required equipment will lead to a better performance on your construction site.

Tax advantage

Rental costs can be written off as operating expenses, which reduces your profit-related taxes.

No maintenance expenses

There are no costs for repair and maintenance.

Cost control

The costs for the rental equipment can be easily controlled, since the costs for the project are known from the beginning.

balance sheet advantage

There will be no need for an increase in total assets and liabilities in your balance sheet. Therefore the key numbers and rations of your balance sheet will improve.

no need for company-owned transportation equipment

There is no need for company-owned specialty transportation equipment, since the supplier arranges the transport.

Save and professional items

It is the responsability of the supplier that the the equipment be up-to-date and safe to operate. Therefore failures occur seldom and will be fixed by a professional repair service. Except for damages the repair service is included in the rent.

long-term rental

Instead of buying or leasing equipment you can request a long-term rental. Equipment can be rented for 1 up to 2 years if you expect a high workload but do not want the investment. The fixation to a rented machine is shorter than to a purchased or leased one. You also avoid investment risks and an obsolescence of the machine. After the rent the equipment will be returned or replaced by a more modern one. Equipment that is rented for a longer period of time can be delivered in the colors of your company.

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